With our extensive global network, we can offer bespoke off-market access to investment opportunities. We provide our network with access to handpicked investment opportunities in private investment opportunities.



PPM is raising $30,000,000 to purchase establish mining operations and manage PPM. Returns to investors are a dual-class offering. The mine has reasonable prospects for the eventual economic extraction (RPEEE) of 40 million tonnes of known material. This does not include the newly discovered high yield silica sand, of which the RPEEE are not yet known.


Plazrok® is raising $155,000,000 to obtain the necessary equipment, premises, feedstock and personnel to establish an initial Pilot Plant and other plants to process waste plastic and manufacture Plazrok® for distribution and sale in Australia and overseas.



With a bold strategy of ‘first in’, the RES Tech Fund is paving the way for substantial growth and extraordinary returns, revolutionising investor access to and modes of investing in Australia’s tech sector. Unlike other existing venture capital platforms in Australia, the Tech Fund be a specialist, early-stage tech fund.

The Tech Fund will channel equity finance to Balmoral Capital Partners, a company that takes a unique approach to building start-up and founder success by harnessing the extensive experience of the company’s directors and investment committee. This depth of knowledge and experience in business management, finance, branding and marketing gives the Tech Fund a market edge that will be used to identify promising start-ups and early-stage ventures in technology related areas, ensuring that Unitholders in the Tech Fund have access to a diverse portfolio of well researched ventures.

Unlike traditional venture capital and crowd funding platforms, the Tech Fund will operate from the stance of “grow and protect”, assisting ventures to grow, scale and operate for sustainable growth and return with a view to delivering successful outcomes for all stakeholders.


The RES Mine Fund will be an equity-based fund providing investors with exposure to selected sub-performing greenfield or brownfield mining operations in Australia or overseas that, given key management advice and an injection of operating capital, have considerable potential to increase their market value.

Investors will receive an equity stake in these carefully selected ventures and will have the potential to participate in any capital gains experienced. The Mine Fund will provide equity finance to a company that will joint venture with Mining Resources & Logistics Group (MRLG) who will use their considerable industry experience to identify potential mining ventures to invest in and profit from. MRLG will source potential ventures before undertaking careful and rigorous due diligence process in selecting the ventures that will be invested in.

Due diligence will include:
*fully-developed mine feasibility studies, 
*market access;
*recommendations and develop plans for onsite processing infrastructure;
*transport logistics and transport costs;
*sourcing of all required permits and licenses;
*investigations into the legislative and compliance costs; and
*risks of undertaking mining operations in the jurisdiction of the project.

MRLG will then develop contingency-based mining plans that maximises operational efficiency and provide levers to manage the cost of production against market fluctuations with a view to executing clear exit strategies capitalizing on the increased market value of the mining venture.


The RES M&A Fund will provide investors with an equity-based opportunity to participate in the uplift in value of carefully selected under-valued or under-utilised private companies.

The M&A Fund will raise funds from investors which will be made available to a specially developed management company, structured to identify, select and manage investments in private companies where capital and management resources can effectively be allocated towards increasing the profitability of the company through:
*developing new products and services;
*improvement and expansion of operations;
*turning around businesses stressed by lack of finance or management expertise;
*exploring franchise potential; and
*adding value through restructuring.

The management company will use the expertise of its directors and management team to ultimately increase the profitability of the businesses they invest in and in crafting optimal exit strategies that will maximise returns to investors in the M&A Fund.



Creating a passive income is the ultimate goal of every investment plan and how you can secure your financial future and impact your lifestyle today. If your goal is to invest to make money then you should be investing in businesses that make you money! Sounds simple, but what holds people back is not knowing how to manage a business, what type of business to invest in or how to set up a business.