CAPITAL RAISED $1,590,000 to date on the project


FOXI Capital is going eco-friendly! FOXI Capital is raising for Plazrok® in Australia, to manufacture a sustainable concrete product from waste plastic. Addressing two of our biggest environmental challenges with one product — Plazrok® is a solution to the earth’s overwhelming plastic pollution problem while giving concrete manufacturers an eco-friendly alternative to standard aggregate.

Plazrok® is a proprietary lightweight composite aggregate that can be used to fully replace or supplement traditional aggregates in concrete production from unsorted waste plastic. Concrete traditionally uses granulated stone, gravel, and sand as an aggregate.

The Borrower is raising $155,000,000 to obtain the necessary equipment, premises, feedstock and personnel to establish an initial Pilot Plant and other plants to process waste plastic and manufacture Plazrok® for distribution and sale in Australia and overseas.

Plazrok® is a product manufactured underlicence from Enviroplaz International Limited.


Cement production has been reported in over 159 countries and exceeds 4.4 billion tonnes per year. For each tonne of cement, the building industry requires 6 to 7 tonnes of sand and gravel. Worldwide, 30 billion tonnes of concrete is used each year. Current global plastic production was found to be 367 million metric tonnes excluding synthetic fibres as at 2020.

A first-registered charge over the assets owned by Borrower; and a first mortgage over real assets as they are acquired, recorded on the Personal Properties Security Register (“PPSR”).
Currently, most plastic wastes are sent to landfill or in certain countries are being incinerated, which contributes to toxic pollution. Increasing the use of waste-derived plastics in concrete will reduce these negative environmental consequences. Another concern related to plastic waste ending up in landfill,  is leachability. However, Tiwari and Rao, in their study, revealed that waste plastic is safe and sustainable for road construction, due to its chemical binding properties (Tiwari and Rao, 2017) that do not cause leaching for over 1000 years.

Increasing the use of waste-derived plastics in concrete will reduce these negative environmental consequences.
For a minimum investment of $20,000, the investor gets Plazrok® units which earns 12% net fixed interest p.a. paid annually in advance and your pro-rata share of 15% indirect equity.
*** The returns are not guaranteed. Investment in the Fund carries risk, including the risk of you losing all or part of the money you invested. Please read the PDS and the Target Market Determination for full disclosure of risks before you invest. 
(1) Our indicative fixed 12% advertised interest rate is net of fees and expenses so you are not surprised with any costs that cut into our stated interest rate. You may take home fixed 12% per annum, which we pay to you yearly in advance.
(2)You receive a portion of the  15% indirect equity that is specifically set aside for investors by the borrower.
(3) We anticipate a 24-month loan term for your investment. Depending on funding requirements of the Plazrok project, this may be extended by up to 48 months with an indicative fixed return of 15% interest per annum for the extended loan period.


Plazrok® is a proprietary lightweight composite aggregate (aggregate is granulated material – traditionally gravel, stone, or sand – that is mixed with water and cement to form concrete) generated using co-mingled plastic waste for use in construction and other purposes. Recycled plastics are generally incorporated into concrete as plastic aggregates or fibres, where plastics maintain their chemical properties due to mechanical recycling of waste plastic.

Plazrok® is manufactured using thermo-mechanical extrusion technology to create an aggregate that is one-fifth the weight of traditional stone aggregate. This process allows for a better bond between the plastic-derived aggregate and the cement, when mixed, than is found in plastic aggregates that don’t undergo thermo-mechanical extrusion. 

Why use plastics in concrete?

The addition of Plazrok in concrete has been described to improve flexural strength of the concrete, as well as improve ductility (Sharma and Bansal, 2016). Furthermore, macro plastic fibres help to control plastic shrinkage cracking, despite a decrease in the workability of fresh concrete. Macro plastic fibre reinforced concrete shows excellent post-cracking performance and high energy absorption capacity, making it suitable for pavement applications (Yin et al, 2015).

The use of plastic polymers in asphalt have showed improved engineering properties of thermal cracking, stripping, rutting resistance, temperature susceptibility, fatigue damage and stability to withstand traffic demand (Kalantar et al., 2012).

Uses of Plazrok®

Plazrok® has been used in both New Zealand and the United States and has undergone lab and field testing in NZ  and can be used to either supplement or entirely replace stone aggregates in concrete. Studies have shown that concrete containing mixed recycled plastic is a viable material for use in kerbs, footpaths, residential roads, and crash barriers.

How is Plazrok® different from other plastic-derived construction aggregates?

  • Plazrok® does not require waste plastic to be cleaned and sorted prior to the manufacture of the aggregate
  • During the manufacture of Plazrok®, the chemical and mechanical properties of the plastic are altered, allowing for a better bond between the cement and plastic.


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