* As at May 2022

This is a unique opportunity to invest and become an equity partner in a SAND QUARRY based in Helidon, South-East Queensland for the most mined resource in the world, sand. The 113.6 ha quarry is in a pristine condition with mine lease approvals in place to fast track commercial quarrying operations.

PPM intends to raise  a total of $30m to establish mining operations and manage PPM. Returns to investors are a dual-class offering. The recent drilling reported a measured resource of 40,921,600 tonnes and a high (94% unwashed and 97% washed) silica content, which may provide PPM with the opportunity to add high grade silica to its production.

*** The returns are not guaranteed. Investment in the Fund carries risk, including the risk of you losing all or part of the money you invested. Please read the Fund PDS and the Target Market Determination for full disclosure of risks before you invest. 
(1) Our indicative 12% advertised interest rate is net of fees and expenses so you are not surprised with any costs that cut into our stated interest rate. You may take home 12% per annum, which we pay to you yearly in advance.
(2) You receive a portion of the indicative 15% equity that is specifically set aside for investors under PPM PDS.
(3) We anticipate a 24-month loan term for your investment. Depending on funding requirements of the PPM project, this may be extended by up to 12 months with an indicative return of 15% interest per annum for the extended loan period.


Recent updates as at February 2022

PPM has moved into the preliminary site works phase of operational start-up. Significantly, in the  last quarter of 2021, PPM completed: 

Water boring - A significant project risk was eliminated through the successful drilling and capping of water bores to service the site.  

Phase 1 resource definition (drilling programme) 

General site improvements  

Site equipping and provisioning 

Interim site senior executive appointment 

Implementation of site safety and health management system

PPM Helidon quarry is classified as an environmentally relevant activity. Consultants, Redleaf, submitted the PPM draft environmental management plan (“EMP”) , which has been partially implemented at site. Full implementation of the EMP will occur as site works are ramped up and other operational milestones pend. An EMP is required under section 201 of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (QLD) (“EP Act”) as part of the application and mining operations that meet the environmental authority (“EA”) (mining activities) process. Section 202 of the EP Act states that the purpose of an EMP is to propose environmental  protection commitments to assist in meeting the EA. 

Progress in November 2021

Drilling for water and a 300m chip hole commenced and water was found upon drilling. We have engaged the services of Kowalski Brothers Drilling for boring and well capping. Bill Hayes and Associates will provide geological services, with a lab testing company to be announced soon.  

The following site preparations have also been completed:
Provision of basic amenities for site workers and contractors (water, first aid, portable shade, and sanitary items)
Provision of PPE for PPM representatives and visitors
Provision of geological data logging station amenities
Secure drill core storage container
Secure tool and items storage
Preparation of an admin area for site sign-in and documentation storage
Site signage
Handheld UHF radios
PPM signage

Progress in May 2021:

Production Modelling – Early stage production schedules are in place and are designed to take advantage of the known demand for sand and construction materials in South-East Queensland.

Equipment lists – The creation of the production plan has generated the plant and machinery list and make-up for the PPM operation. A procurement program is underway with Tier 1 mining OEMs.

Infrastructure & Site Plan - Quotes and supply arrangements are underway for the operational set up of the PPM site.


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PPM is raising $30,000,000 to purchase establish mining operations and manage PPM. Returns to investors are a dual-class offering. Your funds are loaned to the PPM company at a net fixed rate of 12% p.a. (1) for 2 years (3) paid yearly in advance. You will also receive a proportionate amount of 15% equity (2) in the PPM company. The mine has reasonable prospects for the eventual economic extraction (RPEEE) of 40 million tonnes of known material. This does not include the newly discovered high yield silica sand, of which the RPEEE are not yet known.
How secure is this investment?
We use a dual security process: a first registered mortgage over the land and a first registered charge over the company (the charge over the company means that all profits must go to paying down the loan)
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