We operate globally, providing a global reach to our community of wholesale, sophisticated and professional investors.

With our extensive global network, we can offer bespoke off-market access to investment opportunities. We provide our network with access to handpicked investment opportunities in private investment opportunities. 
We are sector/industry agnostic with all opportunities going through an extensive due diligence with our proprietary methods, developed by our experienced team. If you are a business looking for funding, please contact us today.

We exist to help our clients create value. We do that by employing independently minded people who provide expert, insightful, objective and opinionated advice. We do that by telling our clients what we really think. We don’t want to waste time on something we know won’t work or a problem that others are too afraid to speak up about. It’s a traditional approach that we feel has fallen out of fashion in recent times.




Shaun Fox is an entrepreneurial influencer and mentor with two decades of experience in start-ups, working both for himself and assisting others. Shaun specialises in creating financial instruments and lending mechanisms and was the founding partner behind the RAIC group of companies concept of creating a looped network of community between borrower, purchaser and lender.
He is best characterised by his perpetually optimistic temperament in his professional pursuits, surpassed only by his charismatic and enthusiastic engagement with others in all his relationships.

Shaun’s flair is not just limited to his wardrobe. Shaun’s approach to business is simple: irrespective of the product, anything can be achieved as long as you put the time in. He has successfully applied this philosophy across a number of industries, including financial services, entertainment, hospitality, accommodation, tech, biotech, and mining.
Shaun has been involved in the creation and management of financial companies for several years and delivers a simplified approach to the education of financial concepts and investment strategies.
His vision is to create an entry-level platform that offers an easy path to investment by creating personalised education and an investment program that anyone can use. Shaun has always believed that the best way to create a successful enterprise is to include the entire value chain of people in the process and share the rewards of that success. This is why RAIC’s foundation is working with its investors, borrowers and clients through partnerships – so that everyone can share in the rewards. “The only person’s behaviour we can control is our own and the only thing we can truly give another person is information.” – William Glasser



As the chief operating officer for the RAIC group of companies and Shaun’s right hand (plus his left hand on some days), Joshua brings to the role the initiative, organisation and tenacity required to drive RAIC’s objectives. Joshua’s diverse and exciting background epitomises two of our life mantras: anything is possible (if you really want it) and aim to experience as many things as you can.

With a wealth of experience in sales, management and training across an eclectic mix of industries, Joshua has demonstrated his resilience, adaptability and dexterity through his ability to excel in all roles, including his ability to deal with unusual and traditionally-challenging clients. Although admittedly, less challenging for Joshua as his chameleon-like persona and congeniality allow him to adapt easily. In addition to his unconventional career path, Joshua’s values and personal experiences noticeably enrich and influence his professional demeanour. His generosity is apparent through his efforts to give back to the community where he can and his breadth of experience is enough to make any adventurer envious.



As described by her peers, KT is an overachiever. Her career has seen her working as a lawyer, consultant, business analyst and specialist advisor across multiple sectors, including federal government, mining, retail and start-ups. Quite notably, she led projects worth over $600 million early on in her career and has always found time to attain additional education, possessing formal qualifications across law, communications, business and analytics.

KT gets sh*t done. These words encapsulate her capability to date. KT heads up our corporate and legal division. At FOXI / RAIC, she is able to employ her diversified skill set to understand the nuances of widely-varying projects and provide complementary expertise to the core team. The common denominator for KT’s success across her career has been humour, adaptability and stakeholder engagement with a modicum of knowledge from previous education and experience providing a solid framework to build understanding of business requirements and strategic objectives. Despite closely mirroring the disposition of a cranky old man, her desire to support and help develop her teammates aligns closely to the ideals buttressing the success of RAIC.



Over the course of a few short months, Mel shot to our number one position as the top-earning sales executive at RAIC. Through her stellar performance and dedication, she has earnt herself the position of senior relationships manager, leading a team of relationship managers in catering specifically for the needs of our investment partners. Since her inception, Mel has demonstrated very high levels of motivation, perseverance and ambition. She has been and continues to be key in driving our frontline success via sales and ongoing relationship management.

Mel excels at business and sales strategy with her mastery of account management being second to none. Her combined background in direct sales marketing for national and international charity organisations and management of various teams in addition to her continued cultivation of a natural aptitude for influencing and negotiating makes her a natural choice for her current role. She has become a cornerstone of the RAIC customer relations brand and sets an incredibly high performance benchmark for her team to aspire towards. With a naturally-competitive nature and a clear penchant for outperforming those around her, impressively even while she’s multitasking during a Zoom meeting at Chadstone, we expect Mel to shine as she grows with us at RAIC and develops her go-karting skills.


Creating a passive income is the ultimate goal of every investment plan and how you can secure your financial future and impact your lifestyle today. If your goal is to invest to make money then you should be investing in businesses that make you money! Sounds simple, but what holds people back is not knowing how to manage a business, what type of business to invest in or how to set up a business.